Critical acclaim for First Experience!

August 19, 2014

The first reviews for books in the Experiences series have been received, and each of the books received fabulous reviews. Below are some of the comments received for Book 2 - First Experience.

Reviewer Comments: FIRST EXPERIENCE

"Simone Freier has the world of erotica down pat."

"First Experience did not disappoint one bit."

"First Experience is well written, and truly keeps the reader wanting more and more."

"I was immediately drawn to this story."

"The desire crawls our of the page and into my mind."

"Kept me reading late into the night."

"As is Freier signature style, she spends a considerable amount of time in the foreplay of conversation and shared ideas between her characters, before any activity outside the mental images become corporeal."

"The special aspect of the story is that we recognize and like the characters as people. These are not tropes used like tools - these are people about whom we care. And THAT is fine erotica!"